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Customer Testimonials

Valued XTC team. Although we are only halfway through the summer, I want to take the time to thank you and acknowledge your significant support to our Canadian PepsiCo Beverage supply chain this year.

We have been challenged by internal communication and capacity shortcomings, changes in our industry both in the US and Canada and as usual, we are at the mercy of customer purchasing cycles which this year took longer to kick into high summer gear.

These issues take their toll on us and on valued partners of our supply chain. How we deal with these issues show the strength of our partnership and the robustness of our supply chain. The XTC team is a strong link in our supply chain.

Thank you for your continued support and for being the over and above partner we have needed, and will continue to need this year.

We are working to fix our internal communication and capacity opportunities and appreciate your partnership as we do so.

Not sure what the future of our industry will look like, but as long as we maintain quality partnership such as yours we will be on the winning end.

On behalf of the Canada PepsiCo Beverage team; thank you for all the great work you do on our behalf every day!

  Dan - Director, Transport - PepsiCo Beverages Canadar

Guylaine and I indeed jumped on the opportunity to bring up your company during the project face to face meeting with Logoplaste.

No need to thanks us, this is very selfish as we want them to use a broker we find to be excellent so they can well serve us

  Linda - DIAGEO - Brand Change Manager

You guys are the best, Thank you.

  Michele - MRP Planning Specialist - DIAGEO

XTC will be the carrier for 950ml bottle. If you need to make any changes don't hesitate to contact them. They are the best.

  Hao - Warehouse Supervisor - Delta Beverages

We have been using XTC Logistics for almost a year now to move both our Tropicana and Gatorade freight. The exceptional service we receive from the entire team is top notch and is the driving force behind the increasing amount of freight we have entrusted them to deliver. It is critical to have partners like XTC that manage each and every load from tender to delivery as if it was their own freight.

With competitive rates and excellent service XTC Logistics has exceeded all expectations.

  Darren - PepsiCo Beverages Canada - Transport Manager - Gatorade and Tropicana

XTC will be the carrier for 950ml bottle. If you need to make any changes don't hesitate to contact them. They are the best.

  Hao - Warehouse Supervisor - Delta Beverages

We have enjoyed working with XTC Inc for quite some time now and they are one of the best companies we have enjoyed working with. Someone always gives you good information with updates on ETA's to customers. They have met or exceeded our expectations and if any new business comes up we will be sure to contact them first. They are all easy to work with both via email and phones. Someone will always get back to you. In this world where there is rarely any good customer service it's very refreshing to find a company that goes the extra mile for you.

  Rondi - Hiller Carbon LLC

We at Berlin Packaging pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers'. We would not have been able to accomplish this on our latest project without partnering with XTC logistics for all our outbound truckload moves.

I have worked with Lindsy Winfield at XTC Logistics for all my Canadian moves over the past three years. The customer service and detail level that she has provided over these years has been exceptional.

Lindsy - thank you so much for all your hard work on this latest project. I look forward to many more years working with you and your team.

  Nora - Account Coordinator - Berlin Packaging

I have been working with XTC Logistics for more than 1 year and I may say as a satisfied client that it is a pleasure to work with them. They have always respected the appointment time and communicate in a rapid manner any inconvenience that could have caused any delay to take actions immediately. Therefore, XTC is an important piece in our Supply Chain Management.

  Daniel - Materials coordinator - Sazerac Distillers of Canada Inc.

XTC consistently provides us with above average customer service. The lines of communication are always open - we have come to rely on their regular status updates for pending deliveries. They are our go to solution when we are faced with a short deadline and have always managed to surpass our expectations. They stand as a benchmark for other Logistics firms, this is how it should be done.

  Ken - Production Planner - Black Velvet Distillers - Constellation Brands, Schenley, Inc.

Delta Beverages in Woodbridge, Ontario give their full endorsement to XTC Logistics Inc. in Kitchener Ont. We have dealt with them for over 3 years bringing in bottle loads from several Amcor Rigid Plastics Plants in the U.S. I would say they are on time 99% of the time. If they ever are late they will communicate any problems in advance. Also, we find them very flexible in dealing with our production schedule. We are always asking them to delay or move loads up to accommodate us and they always find a way to get it done.

We see XTC Logistics as a definite asset to the Cocal Cola Supply Chain.

  Pawandeep - Delta Beverages Inc.

It really has been great to work with XTC, you guys really go the extra mile for the customer and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again.

  Ross - Logistics Coordinator - Amcor Rigid Plastics

XTC logistics, who handles the freight for our empty bottles from Kentucky, is looking to be potentially involved with the shipping of the finished goods back to Kentucky. XTC has proven to be very professional.

  Andrew - Sazerac Distilleries

As a company that is committed to providing our customers with quality products and a high standard of service we expect the same from our carriers. XTC logistics continually achieves our high expectations with their quality of service.

  Ray - Airboss Rubber Compounding

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